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Many people ask us about the best place to go to find a loving pet to share your home with. While you can find a happy, healthy companion in many places, including online, we believe it's always best to meet your prospective friend before adoption. Therefore, we always suggest dropping by the local humane societies first, to see who needs a home. They are:




Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center


7315 Muncaster Mill Road

Derwood, MD 20855

(240) 773-5900

MC Animal Services                  Map Location




Frederick County Humane Society


217 West Patrick Street

Frederick. MD 21701

(301) 691-8300

FCHS Website                  Map Location



group of dogs




Washington DC - Humane Rescue Alliance


71 Oglethorpe St NW

Washington, DC 20011


Humane Rescue Alliance Website



Once you have found the new member of your household, it's best to get him or her checked out immediately. That way, you can get answers to any questions you may have and discover any problems that may exist quickly, so as to ensure a smooth introduction into your life.  




Hunting for a specific breed? 



If you are interested in a particular breed, you should be aware beforehand of the inherited disorders found in that breed.


This is a link to the  Canine Inherited Disorders Database,  a joint project of the Atlantic Veterinary College at the University of Prince Edward Island and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. In it, you can find disorders grouped by breed and type, and descriptions of how they're inherited.