Grove Center Veterinary Hospital

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Animals in pet bedOur Medical Philosophy


Our goal is to provide your pet with the best veterinary care possible, because we believe that comprehensive, preventative medical care costs less in the long run.






For instance, we always examine every pet thoroughly before giving vaccinations, because we want to make sure your pet is as close to 100% good health as possible before introducing any stress. Vaccinations are a stress, and those administered to an unhealthy pet may not only be ineffective, but may exacerbate whatever illness is already present.


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Your pet's annual physical exam and vaccination visit is one of the most important measures you can take to ensure your pet's continued good health and well-being. The vaccination protocol chosen for each pet is tailored to meet his particular needs, depending on age, condition, and routine activities. Vaccination against certain diseases, such as rabies, is required by the state of Maryland, while others are strongly advised to maintain your pet's protection against common illnesses. Parasite protection is also highly important.