Grove Center Veterinary Hospital

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When should I call the vet?two dogs


Many pet owners are unsure whether their pet is "sick enough" to warrant medical attention. We encourage you to call us whenever your pet is behaving abnormally or when you have any questions at all. Telephone consultation is almost always available.


If you plan to bring a new pet companion into your home, it is extremely important to have that pet seen as soon as possible, preferably before you even bring him home. As a matter of fact, we encourage you to contact us even before you get your pet, so that we can arm you with all the information you'll need to make the homecoming a happy and healthy one for everybody.

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Don't forget that "routine" pet care, consisting of regular vaccinations and annual examinations, is highly important for the life and health of your pet. With advancing knowledge and better medical care, pets are living longer and are happier and more active than in years past.



At Grove Center Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Bender and the staff work in partnership with you to help assure your pet a long and healthy life with the high quality care you and your pet deserve.