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What should I feed my pet?



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A common question, and one we are asked ever more frequently these days. The proliferation of 'all-natural', 'grain-free', 'organic', 'holistic', 'vegetarian', 'homemade', and 'raw' food diets has led to massive confusion over what is or isn't safe and well balanced.



Many new companies have emerged and, with powerful marketing campaigns, have spread loads of new information. Much of this 'new information' bears only a passing resemblance to actual fact. Finding the truth has become difficult and time consuming.


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To help clear up many of these issues and answer your questions, we've posted excerpts from a seminar given by Dr. Lisa Freeman, a veterinary nutritionist from the Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. We've divided these excerpts into six sections. You may either read each section in order or jump around as you please.


Guaranteed Analysis




Nutritional Adequacy


The Manufacturer


Unconventional Diets


Top Ten Myths about Raw Meat Diets




If you have any additional questions, please contact us at the office or, if you prefer, you may visit the website of the   American College of Veterinary Nutrition.