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Kid's Links to Fun


We've searched out and posted here some sites relating to the animal world that provide fun and entertainment for your kids while maybe helping them learn a bit too. Check them out.


row of dogs  


Animal Planet - No matter what your favorite animal is, there's a good chance you'll find it at Animal Planet. Explore animals by subject, learn more about your dog or cat with the pet guides available, play fun games, and loads more.


Animals of the World - helps you learn about mammals, reptiles, insects, birds, and fish, and then you can play games to test your knowledge.

dog in basket 


Animal Facts for Kids - If you love animals, you'll find a lot to like about this site! Learn about all kinds of different animals. There are puzzles and coloring pages too.


Name Your Pet - Learn Thinking of getting a new puppy or kitten and can't quite figure out what to name it? Get ideas from this site by searching for pet names by category or alphabetically. Also includes top 20 names and a photo gallery!

 grey cat

Cool Cosmos - The Infrared World shows what many things look like in a whole different light. Check out the infrared Zoo and see what birds, reptiles, and mammals look like in light that we can't see, but they can. Learn how animals use fur, blubber, and feathers to insulate themselves.


Enchanted Learning - Animal Babies A doe is a female deer, but did you know that a female swan is called a pen? You'll find many more names for animals, their babies and the groups they live in at this site, plus loads more information you can print out.


 Extreme Science - Where is the deepest spot in the ocean? Which creature is the strongest? Want to know what the fastest land animal is? Take a look at this site for answers to these and other scientific record-breakers!


How to Love and Care For Your Dog- Three collies show you how to care for a dog, what they cost and need, basic training, how to teach them tricks, and lots more. Great for dog lovers.


little dog


National Geographic for Kids- Puzzles, games, and information galore from the fine folks at National Geographic.


Kids Section of the San Diego Zoo - Information, games, activities, animal cams, videos, and more!


Switcheroo Zoo - Visit this Zoo-illogical park and create silly creatures by switching the head, legs, and tails with those of other animals. Thousands of strange and wonderful combinations are possible.